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Artist Bio

Joseph Poppy is a contemporary artist living in Minnesota. Working primarily in acrylic on canvas or wood panel, his work is informed by how he absorbs the world around him. His creative process is shaped by his evolving relationship with the world and his attention to place.


With an expressionistic approach, he explores layering color, texture, form, and shape to create movement and invite curiosity within each piece. The layered application of the medium draws the viewer in to discover visual tension and moments of calm. This exploration creates a unique connection between the artist and the viewer.

Joseph’s early childhood imagination is imprinted into his work. On drives to his grandparents’ farm, he was intrigued by the distinct shapes created by long, blacktop roads cutting through the countryside.


As his work expanded, he became immersed in mid-20th century abstract art and the improvised playing of modern jazz musicians of the same era. These artists introduced Joseph to a new way of communicating and had a complex influence on his work. It impacted his artistic language in which he discovered a more realized voice.


Music and the ambient sounds of the environment are catalysts for Joseph’s creative process. Listening to music in its varying moods, attention to the subtle and complex sounds of nature, and the intense reverberations that come to life in urban settings all inform the expressiveness of his work.


Joseph’s studio is in the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis. Since 2013, he has been a participant in the Northeast Minneapolis Art District’s annual Art-A-Whirl event. His work is featured in private and corporate collections throughout Minnesota and the U.S. His painting “Balance” was featured on the cover of Rain Taxi Magazine (Fall 2013) and his painting “Bridge No. 7” was published on the cover of Clatters, a book of poetry by French author Henri Droguet.


He was awarded 1st place in a juried show at pARTS gallery in 1995, 2nd place at the Minnesota State Fair in 2013, and 3rd place at the State Fair in 1996. He has participated in exhibitions at the University of Minnesota, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, and other group shows in the Twin Cities.


"By layering color, texture, form, and shape, movement is created within each piece, drawing the viewer in and inviting curiosity."
—Joseph Poppy


Northrup King Building

View work by appointment or stop by an NKB event.

Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street
NE Minneapolis, MN 55413


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